AttireConnect - Form for Retailers

How it works

Customers create their very own personalized 3D image in a few moments. The more information provided, the more accurate the image will be. The more accurate the image is, the more accurate the clothing fit will be. It’s that simple.
Customers browse through different clothing from your profile inventory and use their 3D image for fitting. Take your inventory to them. You have some tops or pairs of jeans to sell? Let your customers see how they fit on their 3D image first.
Customers can share their 3D image dressed in your attire with friends and family for a quick chat about it. Put the true power of social media to work in your favor. Who knows, friends and more might fall in love with your clothing and want to buy theirs as well.
After your customers have virtually tried on the attire through their mobile devices, they can be prompted to make a purchase right away. This is the closest your customers will get to knowing how an attire will look on them before delivery. Imagine how much increased conversations you could create around your clothing inventory.
Customers can enjoy a quick stress-free delivery from your location to their homes in no time. We can help you with a customized same-day-delivery solution to better capitalize on the delivery craze many customers are interested in today.


Unique Shopping Experience

Attire Connect helps customers generate immediate gratification from virtually trying on clothing in retail virtual fitting rooms.

The more gratified consumers feel during the shopping experience, the more clothing they feel happy to try on. The more clothing they try on, the more they are likely to buy.

Access Your Custom Social Media Group

We will create a custom social media group just for your retail clothing. Your customers can try your clothing, share information about those clothing with your custom social community just like word-of-mouth.

Great Attires Create Great Buzz

Attire Connect is just like a loudspeaker designed to amplify the voices of your customers who found great attire at your online or offline store. Fill out the inquiry form to inquire from us.

Keep Your Customers On Your Online or Offline (local store) Longer

Let Attire Connect help you engage your customers in ways that encourage them to spend more time on your website or store profile, virtually trying on clothing.

Offer Customers Time Saving Shopping

Let Attire Connect help your customers save time locating the right attires for their body types while reducing decision decision fatigue. Request a quote today.

See Which Clothing Is Generating The Most Buzz

Let Attire Connect allow you to see which clothing in your inventory is generating the most virtual fittings and recommendations for purchase to friends and family.

Frictionless Shopping Experience

Let Attire Connect provide you with a frictionless shopping experience. Let your customers try on a clothing through your custom platform, if it's a great fit and they love it, let them pay right there. Its called NO DELAY EXPRESS SHOPPING. It will help increase your bottom-line.

About Us

We believe shopping should be exciting.

We believe your engagement with customers should result in an increased bottom line.

We believe technology exists to make life easier.

We believe an average lady tries on 20 jeans before finding one she likes. You can give your customers access to more clothes in shorter time with our platform. The more they find that fits, the more their checkout purchases will be.

We believe you deserve to offer your customers a thrilling way of shopping for clothes from the comfort of ANYWHERE.

We are Attire Connect.